First, the quality management system

On September 23, 1998, it passed the ISO9001 domestic and international certification; in November 2000, it passed the ISO9001:1994/QS9000:1998/VDA6.1:1998 joint certification; in December 2003, it passed the ISO/TS16949 certification until now. At present, the current management system is operating normally. In order to maintain the normal operation of the system, the system internal audit and management review are carried out on a regular basis every year, and external review is regularly conducted. The review of the OEM has been well guided and improved, and the customer's management ideas have been continuously introduced and improved into the company's quality management system to continuously optimize and continuously improve the quality system to ensure product quality. Regularly review and review the manufacturing process every month to identify and eliminate problems in the production process, so that the quality of the process is continuously improved.

Second, a stable workforce, the company's workshop operators, project management personnel, designers are working for more than three years.

Third, advanced equipment, the company continues to increase new production equipment, testing equipment to meet customer requirements. Such as: lateral force testing machine, multi-function winding spring machine, 3D pipe bending machine, etc.

Fourth, scientific management tools, quality analysis methods such as: 5W, 8D, QFD, fish bone method, brainstorming and other methods.